Breaker Large Electric

Hilti TE 2000 AVR Demolition Hammer

Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) makes the tool less tiring to use

  • Medium-duty demolition of concrete slabs and foundations
  • Removing concrete for rebar connections and utility connections
  • Breaking work on concrete or other materials in basements and on patios in residential applications
  • Breaking out channels for laying pipe in plumbing applications


  • Highest-in-class demolition efficiency
  • Full hammering frequency: 1800 impacts/minute
  • A-weighted emission sound pressure level: 77 dB (A)
  • Net weight 14.5kg


All prices include GST

4 Hours: $84.00
Day: $120.00

Safety requirements

earmuffs glasses gloves Boots power safety overalls mask


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