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Excavator 1.7T KATO

Used for landscaping, trenching, contouring, driveways, footings, and much more.

The perfect excavator for tackling jobs in the tightest of spaces. The tracks can be expanded up to 1,280mm to offer stability or retracted to 960mm to fit through narrow pathways.


  • Max dig radius: 3,990mm
  • Max dig depth: 2,350mm
  • Max dig height: 3,810mm
  • Max dump height: 2,760mm
  • Boom swing left: 80 degrees
  • Boom swing right: 55 degrees
  • Max dig force: 1,670kgf


Includes transport trailer and 3 x buckets: 220mm, 400mm, & 900mm tilt bucket

A cleaning waste disposal charge of $46.00 will apply if returned excessively dirty.

The day price includes 8 hours of machine use per 24 hour period. Any additional hours are charged pro-rata.


All prices include GST

4 Hours: $242.65
Day: $345.00

Fuel costs are additional


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Safety requirements

earmuffs glasses Boots overalls helmet


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