Gib Sander

The Intex Giraffe Sander was designed to make interior and exterior sanding and cleaning simply faster, easier, cleaner and perfect.

With the long giraffe neck you can reach ceilings up to 3m high without ladders or scaffolding.

The unique two-position sanding head makes ceiling sanding easier and creates a finer finish.

This machine is ideally suited for sanding plaster board, cement board, styrene insulation panels, preparation for painting and coatings.


This can also be used with the Industrial Vacuum Cleaner to dispose of the Gib dust.


  • Power input: 550W
  • Power output: 200W
  • Speed without load: 1,000-1,650rpm
  • Grinding disc Ø: 225mm
  • Length: 1,580mm
  • Weight: 4.20kg


All prices include GST

4 Hours: $67.90
Day: $96.60
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Safety requirements

earmuffs glasses gloves power safety overalls mask


Carry car

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